Mommy in London

Trying to figure things out!

Getting out and about

on November 3, 2011

After about a week at home trying to heal and work out the basics of breastfeeding it was time to get out and about!

Our first outing was all about trying to figure out the pram!  After agonizing in the shop about which one to choose, we had finally settled on the Bugaboo Chameleon.  It is a wonderful pram, but wow is it ever big!  It is quite the challenge to try to put it up and down and to just get it out the door!  As many others in London can probably relate to, we don’t live in the biggest flat in the world…and it’s up 4 flights of stairs!  So it’s all about taking all the bits downstairs and assembling it all.  Not an easy process!  So on that first day that we ventured outside it probably took about an hour to get out, and then we only spent about 15 minutes outside!  I was still quite sore from my infection and poor little E started to cry because he needed feeding (it had taken ages to get out afterall!)

Our second outing we decided to try out the baby carrier (we have a Baby Bjorn) and the good news is that E loves it!  He’ll happily be carried around for ages, fast asleep.  So now I use that mostly when I’m just going somewhere local, at least that was I don’t have to fight with the pram and all those stairs!

After 3 weeks with help at home, I then had to deal with being on my own with E.  This meant getting out on our own as well.  And we couldn’t even put it off, as the first day on our own we had a doctor’s appointment.  So far getting to the doctor’s is the worst thing we have to do, because we have to be there at a specified time.  How does anyone ever manage to get anywhere on time with a baby??? I just don’t understand!  But since then we have managed to get out everyday on our own, and I have to say that I am getting better with manoeuvring the pram every time…and carrying it up and down the stairs everyday is bound to help me lose the baby weight, right?


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