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Midwives, health visitors and nurses, oh my!

on November 3, 2011

I have to say, the after care when you’ve had a baby in this country is fantastic. Where else do you have midwives coming to your house to follow up and make sure that you and the baby are doing ok?

They were so attentive and came as many times as we needed to make sure that we were healing ok and thriving.  My one and only complaint with the midwives is that they weren’t able to give a specific time of day that they were going to visit, which meant having to stay in all day and wait.  I know it’s not their fault and that it’s all to do with a shortage of midwives in this country, but it is a shame.  Other than that the midwives were lovely and made me feel much more confident about everything.

The health visitor was also lovely and very helpful about local services.  She also arranged to have a nurse come and teach me some baby massage for colic (my poor little guy has a serious problem with wind).

My GP has also been fantastic and has an open door for us to come in at any time with any questions and any concerns.  Overall, I feel very supported and happy with the NHS service here.  If only we were both a bit healthier and didn’t need that much help!


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