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Baby exercise classes

on December 1, 2011

We have just passed the 8 week mark, so it’s time to try and lose the pregnancy flab and to find some different activities for E and I to do together!

I did pregnancy yoga, so I think that we will do mum and baby yoga as well, but that doesn’t start until January. So today we went to Buggyfit. I was worried as I’m not really very fit, but I thought we’d be walking / jogging with our prams and at least I’d have something to lean on, but we had to leave our babies with the teacher and jog around on our own! E is not happy in a pram that isn’t moving, so he just cried for most of the time! So, I’m thinking that Buggyfit just isn’t our kind of thing.

My plan is to try Latino Bambino next week, at least that way he’ll be in the sling, which he likes.

Otherwise, we’ll just have to do some less active activities! Maybe we’ll go see Happy Feet 2 at the Mum & Baby cinema next week, that’s probably more our style 🙂

Any other activity suggestions would be greatly appreciated!


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