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Christmas Shopping with a baby

on December 22, 2011

Well it is nearly Christmas and I should be completely organised, but I’m not! I thought it would be so easy, I could spend all of December going out to the shops with Ethan and buying gifts and whatever I couldn’t get that way I could buy online while he napped. Wow, I really was clueless about what life with a baby would be like!

First of all, he hates shopping! He loves being in the pram when it’s moving, but is very unhappy when it stops! The same goes for taking the train, so I thought that by now we’d be able to take the train to different areas of London, but no such luck. Luckily we live in an area of London with a few different shopping areas within walking distance.

So the next task is to find a way to trick Ethan into liking it! So I have to walk really fast in the pram to get him into a deep sleep, then I can do one shop and then we have to speed walk again to get him back to sleep (which is very difficult to do on a busy high street!) But it does take a long time and he soon needs feeding so we have to finish for the day.

The other option is to take him out in the sling, he sleeps soundly for ages, but he is nearly 12 weeks old and weighs 13lbs 14oz and it’s beginning to hurt my back to carry him around.

So, I’ve done a lot of online shopping! But even that hasn’t been easy. When he sleeps during the day I mostly spend my time tidying the house and feeding myself! Nevermind the fact that whenever the postman comes with deliveries I’m bound to be feeding or changing him!

I love Christmas, but I really need to find a better system!


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