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Buses, Trains and Tubes

So my darling Ethan is nearly 4 months old, and we’re yet to venture very far from home during the week.  When hubby’s around we’ve managed to get into central London a few times, but it’s just a bit much on my own!

Part of the problem is stairs!  We can manage buses (as long as they’re not too busy, our  Bugaboo Chameleon does take up quite a bit of the buggy space) and trains and the tube are ok (although he’s not to happy with all the stops).  But it’s the stairs that I just can’t figure out!  I have found this map of step free tube stations

Which is very helpful, but it does make you realise how difficult it is to get some places.  So if I want to get to Sloane Square I have to get off at Earl’s Court and find a bus to take?  What a pain!  I suppose that I could try my luck and get off at the station and hope for a kind person to help me up the stairs with the pram, but I don’t really like the idea of that.  I guess I’ll have to get brave soon, I live in a great area, but it will get boring at some point!

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