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Teething Bites!

on February 8, 2012

Wow, I heard that teething was bad, but I had no idea it was this bad! I feel like my poor E has been teething forever! (It’s really only been a couple of weeks, but it’s agonising!) He’s only just 4 months old, so I know that this process will go on for awhile, I just need something to make him feel better!
So far nothing seems to work! We’ve tried:
~ amber teething anklet (doesn’t seem to do anything)
~ teething rings that you put in the fridge (he seems to like them but can’t hold it in his mouth by himself)
~ bonjela (didn’t seem to make a difference at all)
~ calpol (seemed to make him happy for a little while, but not very long)
~ a teething ring that looks like a dummy/pacifier (I thought this would be perfect, but he can’t figure it out, just wants to suck on it!)
~ nelsons teething powder (just got this and tried it once, it did seem to make the redness in his cheek go, so I’ll be trying this one again)

I saw some NCT friends yesterday and a baby girl that’s 1 day older than E has 2 tiny little teeth poking out! So maybe his are on the way, and then hopefully he’ll get a little break at least!

Other suggestions welcome!


2 responses to “Teething Bites!

  1. @Kanga_Rue says:

    Stick with the Amber – it works more obviously after the first couple, but definitely takes the edge off.

    Pickle started teething at 12 weeks. His first two teeth cut through within 5 days of each other, he’s 5 months old (yes, this is early & I’m told mine were too).

    We use Nelsons topped up with teething gel & Calpol when desperate.

    The little star teething rings by Tommee Tippee are easy for them to hold on one finger.

    Good luck!

  2. thanks for the advice 🙂

    i’ve just ordered the tommee tippee star teething rings, they look much easier to hold!

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