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Is my baby shy?

on February 11, 2012

Maybe it’s a bit of a funny question, but I really didn’t think that a baby this young (he’s 4 months old) could actually be shy already.  I thought that was something that came a bit later.  But the past couple of weeks I’ve noticed that he is more clingy and shys away from most people.  He is a very happy, smiling, giggling baby at home but is Mr Serious when we’re out and about, he will hardly crack a smile.

I was starting to worry that he wasn’t enjoying Gymboree, because he would sometimes start to pout and cry when laying on the mat, but then he would be ok when I picked him up and put him on my lap.  Then we had our first proper playdate this week (we usually meet the NCT Mums and babies at a cafe, but actually had one of them over) and this is a baby that he has seen pretty much every week for his whole life, and when she was here smiling and cooing at him, guess what?  He pouted and cried!

So instead of just thinking that I have a grumpy baby on my hands, I am wondering if he’s shy or introverted and finds being around other babies a bit overwhelming.  Then I read this article and started to think that may in fact be the case.   A lot of articles also seem to say that you can see a baby’s true temperament come out at around 4 months, so that may be why this is more apparent now.

Does anyone else have a shy baby and have ideas on how to best handle it?

I’m thinking that we shouldn’t stop doing activities and having play dates, but maybe we should build up to them and wind down from them better?


One response to “Is my baby shy?

  1. I am a first-time mum so I can’t really say but I have read that when baby starts recognizing familiar faces, they can show preferences to these faces over strangers. So that could be it as well.

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