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My baby has eczema

on February 16, 2012

I have suspected for some time that E has eczema as from when he was a few weeks old he has had some bumpy patches of skin (and because I have asthma and allergies he is prone to it).  We were using some very good oil, lotion and a baby balm from Neal’s Yard

which I really love and have definitely helped with E’s cradle cap and general dry skin, but it hasn’t really made a difference on the really dry patches around his ankles.

Then yesterday when I put it on his tummy he started trying to scratch and then let out a terrible pained cry, and I decided that it was time for the next step.  So we went to the doctor today and he has diagnosed E with baby eczema and prescribed a few different things for him.  One is a wash, one is a steroid cream for his body and one is a cream for his nappy rash (which has also become quite bad).

I’m torn, because I mostly want to use natural products on him, but I definitely can’t leave this as it is, as he is clearly in pain right now.  So I am looking into alternatives, but wondering if I should use the prescriptions for a week or so until this flare up clears, and then find some natural alternatives.  I just don’t want to use these and cause him to become dependant on them or somehow make the problem worse.

My research so far has found…

Things we are already doing right:

* not giving him too many baths

* not using any soaps or shampoos or baby wipes (just cotton wool and water)

* using a good moisturiser regularly (although I think we can use it more, recommended to use 20 minutes before bed as eczema can cause sleep disturbances, which could explain a lot!)

* keeping the room cool and using light layers on him while he sleeps (as heat can aggravate it)

* dressing him primarily in cotton clothes (as other materials can irritate it)

* giving him nappy free time (although we could be doing this more and I want to find a good large mat to do it on)


Other options could include:

* keeping a diary of what I eat and see if there’s any connection to his flare ups?

* avoiding certain products (I have already switched to the eco laundry detergent rather than the regular ‘baby’ ones which I think were irritating his skin.  Is there something better?)

* switching the type of nappies that we use?  could it be something in the nappies that he’s reacting to?

* going to the salt cave


It looks like I have a lot more reading to do!

Does anyone else have experience with baby eczema?  What did you use?



3 responses to “My baby has eczema

  1. Hi ! Sorry to hear about your baby’s eczema.
    My daughter doesn’t have any (as of now) but I thought I’d recommend a few products…
    How old is your baby? Do you use disposables or cloth diapers?
    I know you said you were using an eco-friendly detergent but I thought I’d mention Rocking green. If you are not using cloth diapers you could try chlorine free diapers (Seventh generation, Earth’s best, or Nature babycare).
    I also recommend checking this website out: They have great products that won’t irritate your baby’s skin. I also love this brand: I hope this helps !

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