Mommy in London

Trying to figure things out!

Visiting Work

on February 22, 2012

Well, the day has finally arrived, I went into work to show off my little bundle of joy.  He’s not such a little bundle at 4 1/2 months old, but because I have to take the tube to work I wasn’t prepared to take him any earlier than this.

I was feeling really anxious this morning!  At my end the tube station is step free, so that wasn’t any problem, but I was dreading the 2 flights of stairs at the station near work.  I got onto the tube fine and found a good spot to sit and park the pram, thinking that at 11am we’d have lots of space and it wouldn’t be a problem.  But the tube got so full!  Who are all of these people and why aren’t they at work at that time of day?  When I got to my stop I slowly approached the stairs, and luckily a woman with a pram volunteered the assistance of her friend to help me up the first flight of stairs.  I then went through the ticket gate and approached the second set of stairs.  I had to stand there for a couple of minutes looking pathetic and then looking like I was going to attempt to carry the pram up the steps by myself, when another kind stranger rushed over to help.

That was the first hurdle done, now for the ordeal of actually going to work!  It was actually a lot better than I had expected.  E was on his best behaviour.  I think he was memorised by all of the bright colours and new faces.  He was even good with the other children.  They were so sweet, I don’t think that most of them remembered me because I haven’t been there in so long, but they were very excited to see a baby at school!  When they were all sitting on the carpet I brought him over and one of them said “Can I stroke him?”  So I said yes and they all crowded around touching his hands and feet and commenting on how small he is.  It was adorable!  But my shy little boy’s pout did come out after a few minutes so I just cuddled him, and he was fine.

Then after the children left I had lunch with the teachers and he happily played on the carpet and didn’t fuss.  He didn’t even mind being passed around to all the teachers for a cuddle.  They kept commenting on how chilled he was, which I am taking to be a major compliment.  He did fuss a little bit, but I think that it’s a sign that I can really read his cues that I was able to settle him quickly without anyone really noticing that there had even been a problem.  My little guy is such a star!

Then the tube ride back was fairly uneventful.  Again I had people rushing to help us down the stairs, and E happily played in his pram all the way home.

It’s funny, I truly feel like I’ve achieved something today.  I think that it had been weighing on my mind more than I realised, and now I feel like the world is our oyster!  We can get around London easily if we just plan things out well.  As for the work side of things, that was good too.  It was all exactly the same as it always has been.  I think that I was worried that everything would feel different, like it had changed loads since I’d been away.  But that wasn’t the case at all…some things never change!


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