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Time to Travel

Well, the day has nearly arrived for us to go on our first big trip! We’ll be taking a 12 hour flight from London to South Africa with a 5 month old baby…that sounds completely crazy to me, but I can’t turn back now.

We’ve had some great advice already:

* we’ve booked a seat with a bassinet for E
* we’re bringing a sling to carry him around the airport and on the plane
* I’m planning to breastfeed him at take off and landing
* we’re bringing several pacifiers in case he needs more soothing / sucking
* we bought some new toys that he hasn’t played with before
* also bringing a couple of his favourite toys
* bringing his sleeping bag as it’s what he’s used to sleeping in (and extra blankets in case it’s really cold on the plane)

I would love any other tips!

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