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Rain, Rain Go Away

What are we supposed to do in this weather???

Everyday it just rains and rains!  It’s fine if we have plans to meet up with other Mums and babies or if we’re going to a class or something, but on a normal day it’s just too horrible to leave the house for no reason.  At least if it’s cold we can go for walks, but even with the rain cover and an umbrella we can’t quite manage a walk in the park in the pouring rain.  Yesterday I only managed to get to the cafe down the street, but luckily on my extended walk home we ran into a friend and went over to their place for a  playdate.  But today, I have no idea.  And I just looked at the weather forcast, it’s not looking like it’s going to improve any time soon!

What does everyone else do on a rainy day? (and then another and another!)

I am looking for more classes to start E in, now that he’s 6 months.  Any suggestions?

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Our first trip was a success!

We’re back in London for Easter after a wonderful 3 weeks in Cape Town.

Everything went really well, E is a superstar traveller! We were quite lucky because even though the flight from London to Cape Town is a lengthy 12 hours, we managed to book both as night flights. So it was disruptive to E’s sleep routine (boarding after bedtime) but he was able to sleep for most of both flights, just waking to be fed.

Then when we arrived in Cape Town it was a time adjustment (2 hours ahead) and jet leg that we had to deal with! A jet lagged baby is not a happy baby! But, we persevered and had him back on his routine after the first day.

We also had different equipment to deal with. He adjusted really well to a different cot and car seat, but the push chair was a bit of an issue. We went from our Bugaboo pram in London to a forward facing stroller in Cape Town. E was happy enough facing out, watching the world go by, shouting at passers by and being admired (everyone wanted to touch his feet!) But there was definitely no sleep happening in that stroller, which made going out at nap times quite tough.

E got to experience lots of new things while we were away. He swam in Grandma and Grandad’s pool, put his toes in the sand, swam in the sea, met penguins at Boulders Beach, watched fish at the aquarium, went for picnics, went to an outdoor concert, went on his first swing, was babysat by Grandma and Grandpa, started eating solids, went to his first wedding and got Christened!

I’m sure that I could fill quite a few blog posts with all the details of what we did, but it’s taken me long enough to write this one! I don’t know how you other Mommy Bloggers do it!

Our return journey also went well, we had lots of comments about what a good baby E is 🙂

He really got used to being around lots of people and has come back much more sociable and happy to interact with others (even other babies!) So the trip was a success! Where to next?

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