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Rain, Rain Go Away

on April 19, 2012

What are we supposed to do in this weather???

Everyday it just rains and rains!  It’s fine if we have plans to meet up with other Mums and babies or if we’re going to a class or something, but on a normal day it’s just too horrible to leave the house for no reason.  At least if it’s cold we can go for walks, but even with the rain cover and an umbrella we can’t quite manage a walk in the park in the pouring rain.  Yesterday I only managed to get to the cafe down the street, but luckily on my extended walk home we ran into a friend and went over to their place for a  playdate.  But today, I have no idea.  And I just looked at the weather forcast, it’s not looking like it’s going to improve any time soon!

What does everyone else do on a rainy day? (and then another and another!)

I am looking for more classes to start E in, now that he’s 6 months.  Any suggestions?


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