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Weaning – one month in

on May 1, 2012

It’s hard to believe that E has been eating solids for a month already!  My little boy is growing up so fast!  But of course I haven’t had the chance to blog about it yet, because making food, feeding him and researching recipes is taking up all of my time!

Before starting I read loads about different methods and theories of weaning, I was so worried about doing it ‘right’ that it was starting to become quite stressful.  I decided in the end that all of the differences of opinion must mean one thing…it doesn’t really matter!  Well, of course it matters and there are some rules that have to be followed, but the moral of the story seems to be that you have to do what is best for your family and what suits your baby best.

For us, I decided that would be a sort of combination of all things.  I like the idea of traditional weaning (spoon feeding purees) because I like to be able to see how much food E has eaten.  But I also really like a lot about baby led weaning, I like the idea that E can choose what he wants to eat and that almost all food is available to him straight away.  However, a big part of baby led weaning it that the baby can ‘eat what you eat’ right from the beginning…well…I eat a lot of chocolate and not a great deal of variety in my meals, so I don’t think that would quite work for us (also because of possible food allergies, more about that later).  So the purees work better for us because I can pack them full of a selection of healthy food and prepare them in batches and freeze them, (and I don’t think that I could freeze and reheat vegetable sticks in the same way).

The parts of baby led weaning that I am taking are the introduction of finger foods straight away (which E loves, he always wants to feed himself, so this works very well for him) and introducing him to foods that may not be on the list of early veggies to eat, but that I think he might like to try.

I am making a real effort to make most of E’s food myself.  We now get a weekly organic fruit and veg box delivery from Abel & Cole ( which is fantastic and inspires me to make him some creative purees.  I also have the Annabel Karmel weaning book which I use for puree recipes.  I haven’t yet bought any other recipe books, but might buy some of her other ones and the Baby Led Weaning one.  I have however found a lot of great recipes online, I try to put them on my Pinterest page when I remember and I also found an ebook of 100 Baby Led Weaning recipes that I have used a few times (

I am not much of a cook really, so my challenge to myself is to learn how to cook for E as he grows up.  So far I’ve made loads of purees,  carrot and butter bean fritters and some breakfast biscuits.  I hope to find the time to cook even more for E as his napping routine becomes more predictable.

When it comes to introducing new foods we decided that since E has eczema we would be a bit more cautious and take our time to give him new foods, while at the same time not waiting too long, so that we know what we’re dealing with.  I wait until weekends, often in the morning to give E foods that are possible allergens.  He took to wheat fine (he loves his toast!) and also seemed to take to dairy fine, loving yoghurt without any signs of rash or swelling of any kind.  Then the poo started to get out of hand!  At first we thought that this was just a regular effect of beginning weaning, so we didn’t worry too much about it.  But after a few days and when the severe nappy rash appeared, I began to think there might be more to it.  After a visit to the GP we still aren’t sure what the problem is, but she advised us to give up the dairy for now and try again in a few weeks and observe E and then go back to visit her.  If he has another reaction then we will get him tested for allergies and plan how to replace dairy in his diet.  She also said not to introduce eggs yet as many babies with milk allergies also have egg allergies.

This is making things difficult.  There are so many foods that contain dairy and eggs and they are such excellent sources of nutrients.  I am also trying to add protein to his diet, he has been having lentils and beans for the past week and I gave him salmon for the first time on Sunday (which he loved!)  But it would be nice to sometimes be able to add a bit of cheese to a veggie puree or to have a nice omelette for some extra protein.  I am hoping that it was just a coincidence and he had a tummy bug or something that just happened to be at the same time that he was introduced to yoghurt.

So far I have given him some pre-prepared foods, he loves toast, rice cakes, baby biscuits, carrot puffs and other finger foods (a lot of the Organix ones) and on the weekend we didn’t make it home on time for dinner one night, so I had to give him my ’emergency’ pouch of Ella’s Kitchen puree that I keep in his change bag.  They have very simple organic ingredients, so they seem to be the best choice.  The only downside that I have heard is that they can be very sweet, and that’s why babies love them!  We had the carrot, parsnip and apple puree, and it just tasted like sweet apple sauce!  Some of the NCT mums who often give their babies the pouches have talked about how it’s a shame that they only last in the fridge for 24 hours after opening, so I assumed we’d come home with some left in the pouch…nope!  Not my E, he demolished the whole thing!

We are now giving E three meals a day, still working on the best timing for him to be hungry but not too hungry!  He seems to be happily munching away during the day, but not very interested in his milk feeds…until night time!  Then all he wants is to wake up his sleeping Mommy for some nice milk 🙂  Of course I don’t mind, but it would be nice, now that he has a full tummy, if he could give us just a bit more sleep!

As always, any comments, feedback, suggestions of any kind are very welcome!  I’ve had loads of help from brilliant twitter mamas, but am always happy for more blog comments as well 🙂


One response to “Weaning – one month in

  1. imaginatemum says:

    I avoided diary, wheat and eggs with my two until they were one, as we have a family history of allergy. I found that they enjoyed things like tuna and butter beans, which are good sources of protein, but when they are a bit older they can also play around with on the high chair. You can boil up big, fat sticks of butternut squash and sweet potato for finger food too. You can also blend things up with tofu, if you are not worried about soya. (In fact, I swear the best hangover cure is a smoothie of tofu, apple juice and banana – that may not be on your radar right now though!).

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