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Our experience with hand, foot and mouth disease

on May 14, 2012

It’s been a tough week!  It started last Wednesday, both E and I started getting cold symptoms.  I had a sore throat and he stated to get a stuffy nose.  It got worse as the week progressed and he had a slightly raised temperature on Friday and Saturday.  By Saturday night he had a fever of 39 and I was starting to really worry.  We were getting him ready to go to A&E as it was such a high temperature (he’s 7 months old now and never truly had a fever before), but decided to call NHS direct first.  They were extremely helpful, talked us through everything, told us that we were doing everything right (keeping him hydrated and giving Calpol) and as long as the Calpol was bringing him temperature down then we could continue to give to him 4 times a day and the fever should go after a couple of days.  On Sunday the fever seemed to break and he was back to having just a slightly raised temperature again.

He was also off his food since Thursday.  It got progressively worse, at first he was just being a big fussy and only eating fruit, but by Sunday he wasn’t eating anything.  The worst it got was on Sunday night when he was refusing milk feeds.  This is when I really started to panic.  We also noticed a few small spots on his hands, feet and face, but as this is where his eczema flares up we weren’t sure if it was related or not.  We also thought that his tongue seemed a bit swollen, the way that he was sticking it out of him mouth all the time was unusual and he was no longer taking a soother or letting anything near his mouth.  I was worried that he had an allergic reaction to something, but as he had been off his food we hadn’t introduced anything new into his diet so weren’t sure what it could be.

Sleep was also a major issue.  Because he wouldn’t take his dummy or breastfeed I had no way of soothing him.  So there were a few sleepless nights of Daddy rocking him and letting him fall asleep on his chest.  (I am so thankful that my hubby is such a hands on Dad, I was a bit hopeless because I was so unwell myself I could hardly drag myself out of bed, but Daddy took care of us both).

By Monday morning (which was a public holiday) I decided that we were going to have to get him checked out.  The number of spots had increased, he continued to refuse food and I was worried that he may become dehydrated.  We thought that maybe it was an allergic reaction to something he had touched (or put in his mouth) or that maybe it was chicken pox (even though it didn’t quite fit the description).

We had to take him to the walk in clinic as our GP surgery was closed for the bank holiday (and we thought it might be quicker than A&E).  We waited for about 2 1/2 hours and were finally seen by a doctor.  It didn’t take long for her to identify that E had hand, foot and mouth disease.  I had heard of it, but hadn’t realised how much it fit the exact description of what he had.  As it’s a virus there wasn’t anything that we could do for him, but somehow it felt better just to know what it was (and that it wasn’t anything serious).

I did however find this website with some natural remedies

Really helpful.  I didn’t give any of the herbs to E, but used them for us and rubbed coconut oil on his sores, which really seemed to help.

I think that by the time we found out what it was he was already over the worst of it.  The fever had subsided, the mouth sores must have been healing already (the doctor said that mouths heal very quickly) and by Wednesday the spots were already starting to scab over.  He still has some of the cold symptoms, but he is nearly all better and back to his happy self already.


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  1. I am so happy that you found my guest post on Modern Alternative Mama to be helpful and I thank you for linking to it. Glad you hear your little guy is nearly well!

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