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Baby meal planning

on May 20, 2012

I am trying to figure out what meals I can make for E this week, especially now that he doesn’t seem very interested in purees (I think that it’s mostly down to his blocked nose) although he always has room for a fruit puree!  I am happy to give him more finger foods, it’s just that baby led weaning wasn’t my original plan, so I’m not fully prepared!

The foods in italics are ones that we haven’t tried yet, but had planned on trying soon.  Any recommendations would be greatly appreciated (but remember that we can’t have dairy or eggs, which can make things a bit tricky!)  We have given him fish and chicken, but not any other meat yet, I’m looking to try him on others this week.  I don’t eat meat myself, so that also makes things a bit tricky as I have no idea how long to cook things!  I am going to attempt (egg free) meatballs first I think (any tips welcome).  I love to hear about what other babies are eating, I get lots of inspiration from Moms on Twitter, so thank you 🙂

Breakfast   Puree

Breakfast        Finger Foods

Lunch / Dinner Puree

Lunch / Dinner    Finger Foods


Cereal Toast Vegetable combinations Toast Rice cakes
Weetabix Porridge fingers Lentil and sweet potato Pita Biscuits
Porridge Pancakes Salmon and veg puree Tortilla wrap Puffs
 Fruit puree Breakfast biscuits Cod and veg puree Pasta (penne, fusilli) Breadsticks


Raw veg

Dried fruit
banana apple
peach peach avocado cucumber
nectarine plum
melon berries tomato red pepper
Other fish and veg puree Sandwich with mashed fruit or veg Banana bread
Chicken and veg puree Meatballs Muffins
Beef and veg puree Mini hamburgers
Lamb and veg puree Fritters
Pork and veg puree Potato cakes
Risotto Tuna croquettes
Pasta Falafels
Bean puree / hummous

Steamed veg

carrot asparagus
broccoli green beans

Roasted veg

potato sweet potato
carrot butternut
aubergine parsnip

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