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E’s Treasure Basket – our introduction to Heuristic Play

on May 30, 2012

We had a lovely surprise the other day when my hubby’s Aunt sent us a Heuristic Play Treasure Box for E.  Oddly enough (even though I am a nursery school teacher) I hadn’t heard of Heuristic Play.  It is quite similar to other techniques that we used at school and that I had read about, so I’m not too ashamed, but I do love a new (to us) play technique!

Heuristic Play is basically playing with and discovering a variety of objects, many of which can be found around the house or in nature.   The children are free to play with the objects without intervention or instruction.

A good description of Heuristic Play and a list of suggested items for the Treasure Basket

This is E’s Treasure Basket:

He absolutely loves it!  Of course he puts everything in his mouth, but he also loves to feel the different cloth materials.  By far his favourite things seem to be all the metal items.  Not surprisingly, not a lot of toys for babies are made out of metal, so he loves them!  Almost straight away he started banging them and rubbing them together to make different sounds.  He also just loves to take everything out and put everything back in the box.

I am feeling so inspired by his love of this box, I am now looking into Sensory Boxes and other toys that we can make at home and that we can build and change as his interests do.  Now that he’s sitting up and playing, the options are limitless!


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