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Baby Clothes

I’ll admit it, I’m obsessed with buying clothes for my little guy!  It’s just so much fun!  I always thought that it would be more fun to have a little girl and be able to dress her up in frilly dresses, and because the girls clothing sections are so much bigger in the shops I thought it would be more dangerous (for my credit card) to have a girl…but I was wrong!  Buying clothes for a boy is so much fun!

Before E was born (we didn’t know that he was a boy) I just bought a few neutral basics.  Then after he was born, the obsession began!  How cute is a tiny baby in a pair of jeans and a smart shirt?  And as he gets bigger it just gets better!

He’s 8 1/2 months old now and I’m still finding new shops and exploring new styles to dress him in.  I figure at some point he’s not going to let me do it any more, so I might as well have my fun now 🙂

My favourite shops for baby clothes are:


I love their organic range (so soft!) and their cute shirts and jeans

H & M

They also do great organic cotton (for reasonable prices, 3 for £10) and super cute and trendy pieces.  Unfortunately it’s not all on the website, so you have to find a shop to get the best items.


They also have really cute stuff for baby boys, and they have all the themed clothes, so I got E a cute Olympics tshirt and loads of Union Jack items for the Jubilee weekend.

Green Baby

I buy a lot of basics from Green Baby as it is all organic cotton and as E has eczema it really helps him to have his vests and sleepsuits in nice soft and natural material.


Zara has adorable trendy clothes for baby boys!  Really cute jackets and tshirts with fun little sayings on them.


I love Mini Boden!  It is a bit pricey, so I usually wait for a sale, but the stuff is super cute!!!

The Little White Compan

Another one that I wait for the sales for, but I also get catalogues that often have % off codes.  Their clothes are adorable and really soft and cuddly!  (their bedding is also really lovely)

Jojo Maman Bebe

Really cute clothes and very good quality.  I love their sleepsuits, they’re nice thick cotton and have the fold over scratch mitts up until 12 months (was great for E when he had really bad cradle cap)

Petit Bateau

Such adorable clothes, again it’s good to wait for the sales, but so worth it!

Bebe Bisou (can’t find a website)

There’s a shop in Westfield and they sell lovely designer baby items.  They often have sales and you can get cute Calvin Klein, Dior, Ralph Lauren, etc.  E looked adorable in his little Ralph Lauren polo shirt!

I’ve also bought some cute designer items from Brandalley and Half Pint Chic

I’m always on the lookout for more cute baby clothes though, so let me know where you buy yours!

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Not Quite a Yummy Mummy

I do not understand how some Moms manage to look so glamourous and put together all the time!  I don’t mean the celebrities, obviously they have a lot of help, but regular Moms who seem to have perfect shiny hair and clear skin and wear non wrinkled and stained clothes.

Clearly I need to start making more of an effort, but I just don’t know where to start!  The other day I said to someone ‘oh, I just have to do my hair and make up and then I’ll head out’.  Thinking about it after I realised that sounded as if I was making an effort, but in reality make up and hair = dry shampoo and concealer!

I know for a fact that I will never be the one that other Moms look at and wonder how I do it, but it would be nice to at least not be the one that people pity!   I just don’t make my appearance a priority, I spend E’s nap times tidying the house, preparing his meals and catching up on twitter, not straightening my hair and putting on make up.  As for clothes, I have no idea how to shop for clothes anymore.  I just order things online and hope that they fit ok.  What do other people do?  Do you try to bring the babies shopping and into change rooms with you?

I look around at the other Moms in our NCT group and in my baby classes in wonder, how do they do it?  But at least I’m starting to know my role, I may not be the one with brushed hair, but I’m always the one with extra spoons / snacks / wipes / toys to share.  That’s something, right?


Crafty Mommy Time

I think that my next venture will be to make more toys for E.  He really loves his treasure box and his sensory box, and I love making things that he can play with and explore.

I have also made him a few simple shakers (I think he’s a future musician!) he loves to bash them about and happily chooses them amongst his store bought instruments.

Today I have made him a Sensory Bottle

I used to make them at school with older kids and call them Lava Lamps, but saw the idea on a baby website and thought I’d make one for E.  He’s not big enough to help to make it, but I’m sure that he’ll love rolling it around and watching the contents slosh back and forth!

I put water, baby oil, food colouring and glitter inside.  The most important step is to glue on the lid (we don’t want blue water all over the carpet!) but as we don’t have glue E can’t play with his yet, he’ll have to wait until later today.

I’ve also found a few websites / blogs that have great ideas for toys to make for babies:

The Imagination Tree


Hands on: As we grow

E’s at such a fun age now, I can’t wait to make him more things to play with!

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We’re Going to the Olympics!!!

This has been a long time coming, but we finally got tickets to the Olympics!  You may remember from my previous blog – Pregnant in London – that we applied for tickets originally, but didn’t get any.

Now, in this last round of ticket sales we managed to get tickets for swimming!  We didn’t get a separate ticket for E, but they have changed the rules and you can now bring a baby in a carrier

We are very excited to be able to go and to bring E to such a big event, but of course there still are a few things that we need to consider.

* We know that we can only bring E into the event in the carrier, but is there somewhere to store a pushchair or stroller?  Almost like a coat check or something?  It would make things easier to be able to travel to the venue with a stroller, and to walk around the Olympic Park afterwards.  We often bring both a carrier and pushchair when we’re out for longer periods of time to give E options.

* What else do we need to bring?  I don’t think I’ll bring the Pacapod change bag as I tend to load it up and it gets quite heavy, so I may just take out the pods and bring a backpack instead.  I’ll obviously need all of the regular changing things (maybe a few extras as it is a long day).  The bigger worry is how much food to bring him, as it is a long day he may be having 2 or even 3 meals out of the house (which we rarely do) and I’m doubting that any food being sold at the venues will be suitable for sharing, so I think that I’ll have to be very creative!  I have also ordered a Tot Seat so that I can feed him in any chair.

* Where to breastfeed?  Of course I can just sit anywhere and feed him, but he gets so distracted!  I am hoping that there might be a nice baby feeding room at the venue that we can use (I remember seeing photos of fabulous breastfeeding rooms at the Superbowl, something like that would be great!)

I think that those are my main questions / concerns at the moment.  It seems a bit difficult to find information about the venue, so if anyone knows the answers (or any other helpful information) then please let me know!

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Reviews and Product Trials

I have done a few product trials and reviews directly for some companies, but I suddenly realised that I hadn’t actually put any on my blog.  I’m always happy to review products, if any companies want to contact me directly you can do so by commenting here or tweet me @mommyinlondon

Here’s what I’ve tried so far:

Yoga Pants from Sporty Bump

While I was pregnant I was lucky enough to try out some new yoga pants by Sporty Bump.  As I was doing pregnancy yoga they were perfect for me to try as I wore them to yoga classes as well as around the house.  They were really comfortable, stretchy and long enough (as I am quite tall).  They also covered my bump nicely as it grew and stayed in good shape even after being stretched, washed and worn quite often.  I would highly recommend them.


Cow and Gate 5 Step Weaning Plan for Mother & Baby Magazine

I recently started weaning E and read many different books and pamphlets from different companies.  Even though I didn’t feed E any Cow and Gate products (as I make all his food myself) it was still a really helpful source.  It simplified the process and made it a lot less daunting.  We started out following the plan and soon I grew in confidence and we veered off on our own course (taking a lot from Annabel Karmel’s books, the Baby Led Weaning method and what worked for us) but I would recommend it as a starting point for any overwhelmed parents.


Emma-Jane Maternity Nursing Top

I am currently trying out a new top from Emma-Jane.  I am always in search of new nursing tops and this one seems good so far.  I’ve worn it once around the house (as it’s quite a casual vest / tank top) but haven’t seen it yet after a wash.  It is suggested from the feedback form that it might be more of a sleep top, so I’m not sure that I would wear it out.  But it is definitely comfortable and easy to manoeuvre for breastfeeding.

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Not allergic to milk???

Ok, now I’m really confused!  We’ve been trying E on some dairy products for the past week or so, a yogurt or a piece of cheese here or there, and there doesn’t seem to be any sort of reaction.  Sometimes I think that he’s a bit more “regular” or that his eczema looks a bit worse or his reflux is a bit worse, but really I have no scientific way of knowing for sure.  We went back to the GP yesterday, and she basically said that if there wasn’t an obvious reaction this time, then he isn’t allergic!

It just seems so strange though, thinking for 2 months that we were having to deal with a milk allergy that actually doesn’t exist.  We are still going to slowly introduce it into his diet as there obviously seems to be some sort of sensitivity there, but it looks like my little guy doesn’t have to live without cheese after all (which really seemed a sad prospect).  It is a good thing as he is quite small for his age and needs all the fatty calories that he can get!

I also took him to be weighed and measured at the clinic yesterday.  He’s on the 25th percentile for weight and above the 75th for height.  Tall and slim!  Can’t complain really (wish I could say the same for myself!)

So now I just have to get my head round adding dairy into his diet, bit by bit.  Looks like I get to do some baby baking this weekend 🙂

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A Seaside Sensory Box

We’ve done it, we’ve had a go with our first sensory box!  We’ve started really simply, inspired by

who seems to be the Queen of Sensory boxes!  (We can only hope to aspire to those heights!)

We made a Seaside Sensory Box, with oatmeal / porridge oats as the base and just some simple buckets and spades and things.  We live in London afterall and don’t get to experience the feeling of playing in the sand and making sandcastles very often, so we’ve brought it into our own home!

Here it is:

It’s simple, but E loves it!  Mostly he likes flinging the oatmeal around and bashing the little rake, but he’s definitely happy to be playing with it!  Ideally I’d use a bigger tray (and possibly find a way to keep it steady on the floor so he doesn’t knock it over) but I don’t think it’s too bad for our first try!  (and as for the mess, he’s just as happy playing with the dustpan and brush, so we tidy up together and everything!)

We’re excited to make our next one!  My only question is what other base can I use that’s safe for a baby that puts everything in his mouth?  I may be brave and try pasta, rice or lentils (as I always sit and play with him anyways) but as always, suggestions are welcome!

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