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A Seaside Sensory Box

on June 1, 2012

We’ve done it, we’ve had a go with our first sensory box!  We’ve started really simply, inspired by

who seems to be the Queen of Sensory boxes!  (We can only hope to aspire to those heights!)

We made a Seaside Sensory Box, with oatmeal / porridge oats as the base and just some simple buckets and spades and things.  We live in London afterall and don’t get to experience the feeling of playing in the sand and making sandcastles very often, so we’ve brought it into our own home!

Here it is:

It’s simple, but E loves it!  Mostly he likes flinging the oatmeal around and bashing the little rake, but he’s definitely happy to be playing with it!  Ideally I’d use a bigger tray (and possibly find a way to keep it steady on the floor so he doesn’t knock it over) but I don’t think it’s too bad for our first try!  (and as for the mess, he’s just as happy playing with the dustpan and brush, so we tidy up together and everything!)

We’re excited to make our next one!  My only question is what other base can I use that’s safe for a baby that puts everything in his mouth?  I may be brave and try pasta, rice or lentils (as I always sit and play with him anyways) but as always, suggestions are welcome!


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