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Not allergic to milk???

on June 8, 2012

Ok, now I’m really confused!  We’ve been trying E on some dairy products for the past week or so, a yogurt or a piece of cheese here or there, and there doesn’t seem to be any sort of reaction.  Sometimes I think that he’s a bit more “regular” or that his eczema looks a bit worse or his reflux is a bit worse, but really I have no scientific way of knowing for sure.  We went back to the GP yesterday, and she basically said that if there wasn’t an obvious reaction this time, then he isn’t allergic!

It just seems so strange though, thinking for 2 months that we were having to deal with a milk allergy that actually doesn’t exist.  We are still going to slowly introduce it into his diet as there obviously seems to be some sort of sensitivity there, but it looks like my little guy doesn’t have to live without cheese after all (which really seemed a sad prospect).  It is a good thing as he is quite small for his age and needs all the fatty calories that he can get!

I also took him to be weighed and measured at the clinic yesterday.  He’s on the 25th percentile for weight and above the 75th for height.  Tall and slim!  Can’t complain really (wish I could say the same for myself!)

So now I just have to get my head round adding dairy into his diet, bit by bit.  Looks like I get to do some baby baking this weekend 🙂


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