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We’re Going to the Olympics!!!

on June 11, 2012

This has been a long time coming, but we finally got tickets to the Olympics!  You may remember from my previous blog – Pregnant in London – that we applied for tickets originally, but didn’t get any.

Now, in this last round of ticket sales we managed to get tickets for swimming!  We didn’t get a separate ticket for E, but they have changed the rules and you can now bring a baby in a carrier

We are very excited to be able to go and to bring E to such a big event, but of course there still are a few things that we need to consider.

* We know that we can only bring E into the event in the carrier, but is there somewhere to store a pushchair or stroller?  Almost like a coat check or something?  It would make things easier to be able to travel to the venue with a stroller, and to walk around the Olympic Park afterwards.  We often bring both a carrier and pushchair when we’re out for longer periods of time to give E options.

* What else do we need to bring?  I don’t think I’ll bring the Pacapod change bag as I tend to load it up and it gets quite heavy, so I may just take out the pods and bring a backpack instead.  I’ll obviously need all of the regular changing things (maybe a few extras as it is a long day).  The bigger worry is how much food to bring him, as it is a long day he may be having 2 or even 3 meals out of the house (which we rarely do) and I’m doubting that any food being sold at the venues will be suitable for sharing, so I think that I’ll have to be very creative!  I have also ordered a Tot Seat so that I can feed him in any chair.

* Where to breastfeed?  Of course I can just sit anywhere and feed him, but he gets so distracted!  I am hoping that there might be a nice baby feeding room at the venue that we can use (I remember seeing photos of fabulous breastfeeding rooms at the Superbowl, something like that would be great!)

I think that those are my main questions / concerns at the moment.  It seems a bit difficult to find information about the venue, so if anyone knows the answers (or any other helpful information) then please let me know!


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