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Crafty Mommy Time

on June 22, 2012

I think that my next venture will be to make more toys for E.  He really loves his treasure box and his sensory box, and I love making things that he can play with and explore.

I have also made him a few simple shakers (I think he’s a future musician!) he loves to bash them about and happily chooses them amongst his store bought instruments.

Today I have made him a Sensory Bottle

I used to make them at school with older kids and call them Lava Lamps, but saw the idea on a baby website and thought I’d make one for E.  He’s not big enough to help to make it, but I’m sure that he’ll love rolling it around and watching the contents slosh back and forth!

I put water, baby oil, food colouring and glitter inside.  The most important step is to glue on the lid (we don’t want blue water all over the carpet!) but as we don’t have glue E can’t play with his yet, he’ll have to wait until later today.

I’ve also found a few websites / blogs that have great ideas for toys to make for babies:

The Imagination Tree


Hands on: As we grow

E’s at such a fun age now, I can’t wait to make him more things to play with!


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