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Not Quite a Yummy Mummy

on June 24, 2012

I do not understand how some Moms manage to look so glamourous and put together all the time!  I don’t mean the celebrities, obviously they have a lot of help, but regular Moms who seem to have perfect shiny hair and clear skin and wear non wrinkled and stained clothes.

Clearly I need to start making more of an effort, but I just don’t know where to start!  The other day I said to someone ‘oh, I just have to do my hair and make up and then I’ll head out’.  Thinking about it after I realised that sounded as if I was making an effort, but in reality make up and hair = dry shampoo and concealer!

I know for a fact that I will never be the one that other Moms look at and wonder how I do it, but it would be nice to at least not be the one that people pity!   I just don’t make my appearance a priority, I spend E’s nap times tidying the house, preparing his meals and catching up on twitter, not straightening my hair and putting on make up.  As for clothes, I have no idea how to shop for clothes anymore.  I just order things online and hope that they fit ok.  What do other people do?  Do you try to bring the babies shopping and into change rooms with you?

I look around at the other Moms in our NCT group and in my baby classes in wonder, how do they do it?  But at least I’m starting to know my role, I may not be the one with brushed hair, but I’m always the one with extra spoons / snacks / wipes / toys to share.  That’s something, right?


2 responses to “Not Quite a Yummy Mummy

  1. Ouiser says:

    I remember feeling like this after my first. My tips: knit dresses, lipstick, pixie cut, earrings. I feel more pulled together and cute in a dress even though it requires less effort because I only have to put on one thing. Lipstick (and mascara 9/10 times) makes me feel like I made an effort. My pixie means I never have to worry about straightening or drying my hair. Earrings are like a cherry on top. Really, I swear by this all the time!! And I order my dresses online from garnet hill.

  2. Thanks for your tips! I wish I could wear dresses, but I’m still breastfeeding, so it’s a bit awkward to yank up a dress in public 😉 And I really wish that I was brave enough for a pixie cut, but I just have no idea how it would look on me, and I’m too afraid that it wouldn’t work and growing it out would take forever 😦

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