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Happy Canada Day!!!

on July 4, 2012

A few days late on this one, but we had such a fabulous time celebrating on Sunday that I’ve only got around to writing about it now.

As our little E is 1/3 Canadian (is that right?  I’m Canadian, hubby’s South African and E was born here, so he’s a third of each?) but we haven’t been to visit Canada yet, the closest we could get is Canada Day celebrations in London.

They say it’s the biggest Canada Day celebration outside of Canada 🙂

We dressed in our cutest Canada tshirts, watched a hockey tournament, tried to get our hands on Daddy’s Molson Canadian and Mommy’s poutine, waved our flags, danced to Bryan Adams tunes and even met a Mountie!

At home we even tried a spot of painting (inspired by Pinterest ) with homemade paints based on the recipe from The Imagination Tree

Overall it was a fantastic Canada Day, definitely memorable as E’s first (maybe next year I’ll share my poutine 😉 )

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