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Going to Visit a Nursery School

on July 9, 2012

We are going to visit our first Nursery School tomorrow!  I am so nervous!

As anyone in London knows, you practically have to sign up your baby for a good nursery school before they are born, so I’m already being a bit lazy by waiting until now (he’s 9 months old) but I just couldn’t imagine starting to plan his future before I even met him!

I happen to have been the deputy headmistress of a nursery school before I went on maternity leave (I have since decided to be a stay at home Mom and won’t return in September) but I think that my experience just makes this decision much more difficult!  I’m worried that I have too many questions and might overwhelm them, but I just want to know all of the information before making a decision.  So here’s my list of questions, what do you think?

Upon starting

  • Do you have space for October 2013 (when he turns 2) or would we go on a waiting list?
  • When would we have to decide when we want to start and for how many days?
  • Do children have to be potty trained before starting?
  • What is the induction process like?  Do we have visits beforehand?  Do the parents stay for the first morning?
  • What happens if he has trouble settling in?

Daily routine

  • What is the daily routine like?
  • What systems do you use for teaching CLL and PSRN (Jolly Phonics, etc)?
  • Are the children given snacks or do they bring their own?
  • How often do they play outside?
  • How involved are parents?
  • Are the holidays the same / similar to local state or private schools?
  • Are there any future plans for the school?  Possibly to offer full days?


  • What is the ratio of children to adults?
  • Are all of the teachers qualified?  Have they been at the school long?
  • What are the security measures like? Pick up procedures?
  • What is the accident procedure?  What is the sickness policy? (Are all of the staff trained in first aid?)
  • What is the discipline policy?
  • What schools do children go on to?

Also, do I tell them what I do?  Or should I keep it to myself?


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