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Our Weekend Away

on July 18, 2012

This past weekend we went to visit hubby’s family in a different part of the country for a family party.

We were looking forward to going, especially since we hadn’t been up since Christmas and E has grown so much since then!

The part that I didn’t realise until the weekend got closer, was just how much we would have to bring with us, compared to the last time that we visited.  Last time he was so small that we just brought the carry cot from the bugaboo for him to sleep in, but of course this time he needed the full travel cot.  He was also just breastfeeding last time, and now he’s having 3 meals a day (plus snacks!) and he’s not the easiest baby to feed (we’re not officially doing baby led weaning, but he prefers to feed himself so that is what we mostly do).  And because we were only going for one night and would be quite busy we really did have to bring everything with us, there would be no time to prepare meals (especially en route and at the party.)

Basically I had to bring everything that we ever need for E.  I think that packing for one night away or packing for a week away pretty much involve the same amount of stuff!  We had to bring clothes for all possible weather situations and lots of back ups just in case, everything for eating, sleeping, washing, playing, etc, etc, etc!

Just in case it’s helpful to anyone else with a 9 month old, here is our packing list:


  • Nappies
  • Water wipes
  • Cotton pads / balls
  • Nappy sacks
  • Sudocrem
  • Baby Balm
  • Changing mat
  • Vests
  • Tops
  • Pants / Shorts
  • Socks
  • Dribble bibs
  • Shoes


  • Baby wash / shampoo
  • Lotion / Baby Balm
  • Hair brush
  • Towel
  • Face cloths
  • Bath toy
  • Bath mat
  • Toothbrush
  • Toothpaste


  • Sun screen
  • Bonjela
  • Nelson’s
  • Calpol
  • Eczema cream
  • Saline nose spray
  • Snot sucker
  • Thermometer


  • Muslins
  • Feeding cover
  • Milton tablets
  • Meals
  • Snacks
  • Bowl
  • Spoons
  • Sippy cup
  • Totseat
  • Feeding bibs


  • Blankets
  • Sleeping bag
  • Bedding (sheets)
  • Gloworm
  • Sleepy Bunny
  • Soothers
  • Travel cot
  • Pyjamas / Sleepsuits

Hot / cold weather clothes

  • Hat (tuque / sunhat)
  • Mitts
  • Coat
  • Sunglasses
  • Swim trunks
  • Swim nappies


  • Pram
  • Car seat
  • Car seat adaptors
  • Baby Bjorn
  • Changing Bag


  • Toys
  • Teething toys


  • Laundry Detergent
  • Baby Monitor

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