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What to do on a Rainy Day in London

on July 19, 2012

We’ve had quite a rainy summer so far in London, so I’ve been compiling a list of all of our rainy day activities!  As E gets bigger (he’s 9 months old now, crawling at super fast speed and getting into everything!), it’s become more of a challenge to keep him entertained in our small house on a rainy day, so we have to get creative!

On a rainy day

  • go to a soft play centre

* we haven’t tried one yet as I’m not sure if E is still too small and will get trampled by the toddlers, but there’s one that opens up next week during the school holidays so I think we’ll have a go

* as members of Gymboree we can go to open gym sessions at set times everyday, it’s a great thing to do on a rainy day and E loves it!  (they have a set day for pre walkers which is the one we mostly attend so that E doesn’t get trampled 😉

* if we can’t get to the seaside, we can always pretend!

  • make some playdough to play with

* this is my plan for this afternoon, we’ll see how it goes, fingers crossed that E doesn’t just want to eat it

* I haven’t been brave enough to try this since Canada Day, but will definitely try again soon, I may even buy some little canvas’ to display E’s masterpieces

  • go to a drop in class

* we’re very lucky to have loads of different music classes around, many of which are drop in classes, so most days we can find one to go to if we’re at a loss

  • go to a playgroup

* a lot of churches around here have great playgroups, many are only during term time which is unfortunate for us, but we plan to go more regularly starting in September

  • have a playdate

* we’re lucky to have made some great friends at NCT and through our Gymboree classes, so on rainy days someone is usually up for a playdate

  • bake cookies

* E may be a bit young for this one, but I’m sure he’d enjoy playing with the dough!

  • go to the library

* our local library is fantastic!  I don’t let E go wild with the books because I don’t want him to rip any, but it’s great to have a different selection of stories.  Our library also does weekly baby singing sessions and storytelling sessions, and best of all, it’s all free!

* we love the Pottery Cafe, there is a small sitting fee but then we can paint all sorts of pottery (and they’re very helpful if you want to do handprints and footprints) and they make great gifts!

* E loves to watch the fish swimming around, he’s mesmerised by them!

* two fantastic places to go in London that are free!  They are aimed at older children, but E still loves looking around at things and loves to watch the big kids run around, I think he’s planning all the fun he’ll have as soon as he figures out how to walk!

I would love any other suggestions as we’re always looking for more things to do (especially if this rain continues!) and fingers crossed that the weather really will get better next week, and then I can post my ‘sunny day’ list!


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