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Where to Eat with a Baby in London

on August 14, 2012

We often find ourselves out and about and wanting somewhere to eat as a family.  If we’ve planned in advance I usually bring food for E, but sometimes it would be nice to know that there’s somewhere that we could go that actually had food for him to eat.  Because we ended up following more of a Baby Led Weaning path, there really isn’t much that he can’t eat now (at 10 months old).  I just worry because I always make his food for him at home and know what ingredients are going into his food, that I may not be happy with what a restaurant thinks is suitable for children.  I found this great link about salt intake for babies  We also look for places that have nice food for us to eat, but are baby friendly (have high chairs and are noisy enough that we won’t get dirty looks if E decides that he wants to happily shout about his food) but often those aren’t the nicest restaurants for adults.

So far we have tried:


  • by far my favourite chain restaurant anyways, we have brought E here a couple of times.  They have nice high chairs and at lunch time there are usually plenty of other children around.  We have always brought our own food for E, but he has sampled some of the breadsticks 🙂  The children’s menu looks good, but I’m not sure about the salt content.  For the pasta. do they use the same sauce that would be in an adult dish?  Because in that case the salt content would probably be quite high.
  • Children’s menu

Pizza Express

  • again this is somewhere that we’ve always enjoyed going, so we took E quite early on.  We have always brought food for E, but they also have a children’s menu.  There seems to be a lot of selection for kids, but again it seems that it might just be smaller portions of adult meals, so there is the salt issue.
  • Children’s menu


  • we have taken E to Giraffe just once.  They also have nice, simple high chairs and a children’s menu, but again we brought food for him.  He was having a particularly fussy day and just wanted to eat food from our plates though, so we asked the waitress if we could have some toast for him.  She was lovely and brought him a couple of pieces of toast quite quickly, and that made E happy to be eating “the same food” as us.  Again I just wasn’t sure if the children’s menu would be suitable for him at such a young age.
  • Children’s menu

Starbucks, Caffe Nero, Costa Coffee

  • we go to all of the chain cafes quite regularly to meet up with friends, they all have nice high chairs but definitely not much of a selection of food that would be suitable for babies.  At least after he’s one and drinking milk I can get him a babyccino 🙂

Places we haven’t tried yet:


  • seems like a healthy option?  anyone been, do they have high chairs?
  • Children’s menu (they do have nutritional information, and the chicken breast fillet strips are the only item with less than 1 gram of salt, at 0.8 g so they would be ok, as long as he wasn’t having any other salt that day)

Pizza Hut

Frankie & Benny’s






Rainforest Cafe


I’m sure that there are many more places to go, I would love to hear about other people’s experiences with babies in restaurants, please post your comments here!

I’d also like to know about those of you who are very brave and take babies into posh restaurants for special occasions.  Whilst writing this blog post I came across this website it’s fantastic, but I’m not quite sure that we’re brave enough to take E to Claridge’s quite yet!


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