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Sightseeing in London with a Baby – The Museums

on August 23, 2012

It’s a funny thing to write about for someone who lives in London, but we’ve had people visiting this summer and now that E’s old enough I haven’t been just sending them off to explore on their own, but we’ve actually been joining them.

So one day last week some friends of hubby’s came with their almost 2 year old, and we thought a nice way to spend the day with them would be at the Natural History Museum and the Science Museum in South Kensington.

We went to the NHM first, on the advice from @frizzychick that the restaurant there is better for lunch (which it was).  Because we had quite small children with us we just did the highlights tour, looking at the dinosaurs and the big blue whale!  The museum is really well set up for prams, we had no trouble navigating our way around on the lifts and ramps.  There was an option to check your pram and walk around without it (which you may do for older children) but we happily kept E in his (we had him facing out in the Bugaboo Chameleon, so he was at a good height to see most things).  As E is still very little (10 months) he was just happy to look around at all the people and showed some interest in some of the moving exhibits and things, but our friends’ 2 year old did get a bit of a fright from the moving raptors and huge roaring t-rex.

After exploring we had lunch in the Scoffasaurus restaurant in the museum.  It was a great set up with lots of food options for adults and children.  We had brought lunch for E, but that was fine as well, they brought him a high chair and there was plenty of room for us to keep his pram by our table.  After lunch we did a quick nappy change, they have great facilities down in the picnic room (which is also excellent if you’re bringing food for the whole family).  And it’s nice and noisy in there, perfect for the kiddies to have a little shout and a crawl around.

We then headed over to the Science Museum.  By this point E was having his afternoon nap in his pram, but the other little boy absolutely loved it!  He squealed in delight at all of the old cars, trains and airplanes.

We had a look at a few other exhibits, but had somehow ended up stuck on one side of the museum that isn’t connected to the rest, and as E was sleeping we decided to skip ‘The Garden’ play area (which I have previously taken kids to, it’s fantastic!) and just head out for a walk to the park instead.

We walked up to Hyde Park / Kensington Gardens from there  and up to the cafe by the Princess Diana Memorial Playground for a rest and a snack.  Unfortunately there was a massive queue to get into the playground, so we didn’t go in, but it must be something really special for people to make that much of an effort to go there.  We’ll definitely have to go back!

Our friends had to get going then, but we decided to go to Whole Foods in Kensington to pick up a few things and to give E his dinner.  He was fantastic all day long and is really getting used to these days out and changes to his routine.  I think as long as we don’t do them too many days in a row then he’s fine.  Such a good baby 🙂


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