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Sightseeing in London with a Baby – Oxford Circus, Covent Garden, etc

on August 26, 2012

More visitors means more sightseeing!

My brother is here from Canada and we’re trying to see and do as much as possible while he’s here.  So in one day we went to Oxford Street, Regent Street, Soho, Carnaby Street, Piccadilly Circus, Leicester Square and Covent Garden.  It was very ambitious with a 10 month old baby, but we actually managed to do it all.

On Oxford Street the John Lewis is great for breast feeding and changing nappies.  We had lunch at Wahaca, which was also really good because they had high chairs and it’s quite a lively, noisy place, so no one looked at us if E was having a happy little shout.  We brought his lunch for him, but I was able to share a bit of my bean and cheese quesadilla with him as well.  They don’t have a specific kids menu, but I think there are a few items like that, that could be suitable for children.  Disappointingly they didn’t have a baby change area, so we had to find a Starbucks afterwards to change him in.

E happily napped in the afternoon as we continued our tour of London, but I felt bad after he woke up as there wasn’t really anywhere for him to crawl around.  If I planned the day again I would have definitely made a detour to a park so that he could have some time out of his pram (although saying that, it did rain that day and the grass would have been too wet anyway, any indoor places to crawl around in Central London?)

We also ended up having to give him his dinner on the train on the way home, which isn’t ideal really, but he was so good about it.  And it meant that as soon as we got home he was free to crawl around as much as he could until bath time!


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