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Sightseeing in London with a Baby – Buckingham Palace, Trafalgar Square, Picadilly, etc

on September 6, 2012

Another day out with visitors in London!

We started out at Buckingham Palace, I hadn’t looked at the time of the changing of the guards, because I didn’t think we’d need to see it.  Of course, I should have looked up the time so that we could avoid it!  We accidently, upon getting closer and closer to the palace and seeing huge crowds, realised that we were just on time for the changing of the guards!  It was so crowded and chaotic, but actually it turned out to be ok.  We didn’t make any attempt to get close to the palace, but the guards now march outside of the gates (I don’t think that they’ve always done this) so we did get to see some of it, and E seemed to enjoy the marching 🙂

After that we walked through St James’ Park, a good spot for feeding and crawling around.  Then walked through to Downing Street, Trafalgar Square and then went to find some lunch.  We settled on Jamie’s Italian and we were glad we did.  They had a high chair for E and it is a noisy and lively place at lunch time, so we didn’t mind E having a little happy shout.  I didn’t see a children’s menu, but we had brought E’s lunch, and he was happy to munch away on bits of bread and other things off our plates.  Unfortunately there was no baby changing facilities, so yet again we had to find a Starbucks afterwards to change him.

We went onto Picadilly after that for some shopping and E was just happy looking around and having his afternoon nap in his pram.  I think he’s getting used to this sightseeing business 🙂


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