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Babies First Birthdays

on September 7, 2012

It is hard to believe but my little E is 11 months old, and it’s time to start thinking about his First Birthday!

He has a few friends that are a little bit older than him, so we’re having fun going to their birthday parties, and it’s also helping us to plan for his!

My first question was what sort of presents to buy all of his little friends for their birthdays.  As the birthdays are so close together, you don’t really want to spend a fortune as it really does all add up.  But I did want to buy them some lovely things.  Here are the presents I’ve bought so far:

* Baby Aquadraw

* Brio Pull Along Engine

* Leapfrog – My Puppy Pal Violet

And the ones I’m planning on buying:

* Wooden Click Clack Track

* Wooden Post Box

* Letter Lion

But I do need a few more ideas, there are a lot of babies to buy for!

The next part is planning for E’s birthday at home with us, and for his party the following weekend!  At home we just want to spend a nice day, just the 3 of us.  We’ll have presents and a cake, and I think I’ll buy a little set to decorate his high chair while he makes a big mess with his cake.

Speaking of cake, I really wanted to do a cake smash photo shoot for E, but didn’t want to pay a professional.  So I made a cake following a healthy smash cake recipe unfortunately I’m not much of a baker, so mine didn’t come out very moist.  But at least it was healthy, and I put on loads of the cream cheese frosting, so it was definitely messy!

More photos to follow, but I’ll save them for closer to the big day 🙂

As for the party, I’ve chosen a Very Hungry Caterpillar theme, and I’ve been getting loads of ideas on Pinterest.  We had trouble deciding where to have the party to begin with.  Unfortunately, living in London, we don’t have a huge house, so it just didn’t make sense to have it here.  We looked into party venues, but they can get quite costly, so we settled on a lovely church hall (it really is nice, it’s all brand new, a nice big room that has doors that lead out to a private garden).  So now the planning begins!  Many more blog posts to follow on this subject, I’m sure!


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