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Ethan’s First Birthday

on November 9, 2012


It has been a really long time since I’ve written a blog post, shockingly it’s been over a month. I think that not only have we been very busy (loads of visitors and birthday celebrations) but it was such a momentous occasion, E turning 1, that I didn’t quite know what to say about it to do it justice.
I wrote him a letter, I’ve seen other people post letters to their babies on their birthdays and I think it’s a beautiful tradition, and reading other people’s letters often makes me cry. But after writing it I just decided that it was too personal to share, something that I want E to read when he’s older and that’s all.
The day itself was fantastic. My hubby took the day off work, we had a special breakfast, opened presents (we got him a bunch of little things, but his “big” present was a rocking moose) and went out for the day. We had lunch at Carluccio’s, E loved it! He had chicken for his main and fruit salad for pudding. (He loves fruit so much, he really didn’t need anything sweeter, plus we knew what was coming up later!)  Then we went to the London Aquarium, he loved looking at all the fish!  We had a really nice time, but my two complaints would be that it’s very dark and you can’t use the flash on your camera, so the photos we took didn’t turn out very well.  And there’s no where to sit down or for children to play (crawl around in E’s case) so he got a bit bored of being carried around the whole time.  We went home after that, more presents had arrived in the post for E to open, he had some skype calls to make, and we had a special birthday dinner.  I made him lasagna for the first time (which he loved!) and he had his very first cupcake for dessert!  He was so intrigued by the candles and very excited to have his own little cupcake to eat.  I went for a proper cupcake recipe, so they were full of sugar, and he devoured it!  It was hilarious!  It really was a day to remember 🙂


One response to “Ethan’s First Birthday

  1. elyjesse says:

    Oooo, a smash cake!!! Cute pictures!! Your little must have had a lot of fun!

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